Esthers Kihatha Rescue Home


Esthers runs in the valley of Kihatha near Nyeri a rescue home.
Due to the location it is often a very muddy place. Housing is poor in the whole neighbourhood.
Esthers rescue home was before we started not much more than some draughty barns.
At times there are more than 60 children in the home.
With help of some private sponsors we first created a new livingroom and kitchen and later 3 dormitories and new bathroomunit with showers and toilets.
There is also a small playground now.
We also did as Dutch as we are some watermanagement, so that the home can use rainwater for cleaning purposes and the courtyard stays accessible when it rains.




old situation new livingroom new livingroom interior new livingroom with children new dormatory and bathroom unit bedroom new bathroom unit JR our A-team plumber JR again our electrician installing lights livingroom before paintwork trying to fix gutters courtyard with children old kitchen old toilet
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