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The purpose of our foundation Jambo hakuna Matata is
to support projects for underpriviliged children
and disabled people in Africa
and especially in Kenya

At least 4 times a year volunteers of our foundation visit Kenya on their own expense
to work together with local co-workers and the rural population
to realise projects for housing, education and healthcare.

Working this way we supported already several polytechnical schools,
supported and renovated already 4 primary schools,
rebuilded an existing orphanage and rescue home
and builded under our supervison a complete new orhpanage and rewscue home
and we support local maternities, local hospitals and a hospice with materials.

We also adapted and divided more than 200 wheelchairs to fit personal needs.

At the moment we are building our own wheelchair and carpentry shop.

Annual action report 2016 Available in English on request

Annual action report 2017 Available in English on request

Annual action report 2018 Avialable in english on request

Annual action report 2019 Avialable in English on request

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